Microsoft's WinGet 1.0 released for real: Here's why you want it

At long last, WinGet 1.0 is out in the wild, courtesy of Microsoft. This piece of software allows users to more readily work with 3rd-party applications on the regular by seeking out updates for said applications outside of the Microsoft Store. The release of this software is a sign that Microsoft is not only ready to believe that people want to use Windows in ways not served by the Microsoft Store's hosted apps – they're also ready to assist.

Per Microsoft's Demitrius Nelon back a while ago when the software was first revealed, "Just about every developer has wanted a native package manager in Windows. That day is finally here." That was back on May 19, 2020.

Back then, the software Windows Package Manager preview was made open source. Users were able to run, clone, test, and build the software from GitHub. Now you'll be able to find WinGet with the App Installer app in the Microsoft Store – NOTE: The WinGet tool is included in the flight or preview version of the App Installer app.

So once you get the app, you should be able to roll with full functionality. This Windows Package Manager app allows users to automate software installation and updates for non-Microsoft Store applications. You tell Windows Package Manager which apps you'd like installed on your machine, and the software, as Nelon suggested, "does the work of finding the latest version (or the exact one you specified) and installing it on your machine."

In the near future, Windows 10 will have this software, WinGet 1.0, integrated right out the gate. As noted by Paul Thurrott, IT admins will be able to decide whether WinGet 1.0 will be installed on machines via Group Policy. If you'd like to get WinGet 1.0 right this minute, head over to the Windows Package Manager page on GitHub. You can also follow the instructions at the "use the winget tool" page at Microsoft's Windows Developer hub.