Microsoft's Windows 7 Can Be Rearmed Up To 120 Days

Are you one of those people who love to try out new things before you buy it? Do you also think that 30 days to try that said product just isn't long enough? Well, if you're thinking about upgrading to Windows 7 in October, but you feel like you should try it out before you officially lay down your money, you don't have anything to worry about. Like in Windows Vista, there's a simple, one-line command that you can utilize, to activate an additional 30 days to your initial 30-day trial of the Operating System (OS). Even better, you can do this up to three times.

Microsoft is known for preaching 30-day trial offers, but not everyone thinks this is long enough. We can relate t0 that, because not everyone has all day every day to test something out, even if you have it for 30 days. Thankfully, there's a simple way to bypass this, and thankfully it doesn't even go against Microsoft's Terms of Service (ToS). If you download Windows 7 in October for the 30-day trial run, you can then input a simple command [em]slmgr -rearm[/em] which will then add an additional 30 days to your trial offer. As we said, this doesn't go against any kinds of End User License Agreement (EULA), so there isn't any worry about legal ramifications of any sort.

By running the -rearm line, you are essentially continuing from where you left off. You don't lose any data or anything of the sort. Microsoft is well aware of the command line, as it is traditionally intended for administrators. Simply resetting the 30 days gives the user unlimited use, so you can feel free to test all the stuff you want, at your leisure.

[via Computer World]