Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Could Face Mutiny in Nine Months

Evan Selleck - Jul 22, 2010
Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Could Face Mutiny in Nine Months

If you’re a fan of Microsoft, you have your reasons. Whether or not Steve Ballmer, the tech giant’s current CEO, has anything to do with that probably has a lot to do with personal opinion. Watching Steve Ballmer on stage brings a new sort of excitement that hasn’t been seen in quite awhile, but unfortunately that’s not where money comes from. And, if a new report from inside sources is any indicator, Ballmer’s lack of creating anything new and exciting may be coming around to bite him where it counts.

Daily Beast insiders are reporting today that Steve Ballmer could be in a world of trouble in just a matter of months if he doesn’t figure out a way to turn things around. As the report suggests, months of lukewarm performance have just been too much for the company, and executives at the company are growing increasingly frustrated that Microsoft’s share price hasn’t climbed.

This dates back to Apple surpassing Microsoft in its market cap, and have just continued on. At the moment, though, there are no independent sources confirming any of this. In fact, there’s no signs of any kind of dissent at the highest ranks of Microsoft. But then again, something like this would be one thing that Microsoft would go out of its way to keep under wraps. Of course, there’s all sorts of avenues that could be traversed from this point, so if this does turn out to be true, we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Also worth keeping in mind, is Microsoft is set to announce their fiscal results today, too, so we might see some kind of inclination from the numbers reported therein.

[via Electronista]

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