Apple Surpasses Microsoft in Market Cap

Considering all the buzz as of late about what's coming out of Cupertino, and the fact that ever since the launch of Apple's iPhone in 2007, Apple's been in the limelight with all sorts of epic, defining releases for the tech industry, there's probably no surprise whatsoever that this has happened. Then again, we're talking about the giant Microsoft, so this is, indeed, a very big announcement. Apple has officially passed Microsoft in market cap.

As of this writing, the numbers are still changing. We've got Microsoft listed at $219.18B, and Apple at $222.84B, in their market caps. These numbers are coming from Google Finance, and as the story breaks around the Internet, we've got all sorts of different results. Not long ago, Apple had indeed passed Microsoft: $225.98B to Microsoft's $225.32B. As we said, the numbers keep changing, and it does indeed seem that Apple is still in the lead.

Big news for Apple, to say the least, but as we know all of this could change by tomorrow, or even just a matter of hours. Nevertheless, we're sure the folks over in Cupertino are very pleased, as their hard work and determination have produced a staggering amount of money, tech involvement, and results. Now, we just have to wait and see if it remains, or if Microsoft can take it back.

[via Google Finance]