Microsoft's SkyDrive now has 250 million users

Amidst its publishing of its interview with Tami Reller earlier today, Microsoft has also made an announcement: a new milestone for SkyDrive, which as exceeded the 250 million user mark. Says the company, its cloud storage service saw a jump of 50 million users following the release of Windows 8, which also recently achieved its own milestone, exceeding 100 million licenses sold.

Microsoft goes on to wax poetic about its appreciation for its users, of which there are about 700 million with Microsoft accounts. Back in August, SkyDrive received a design change and some new features, such as a Recycle Bin, improved uploading, and the ability to chat with Facebook friends. During the same month, Microsoft also rolled out SkyDrive for Android.

A short while later, December saw SkyDrive hit the Xbox 360, allowing users to browse their files without leaving the gaming station, along with a promise that over 40 apps would be showing up for the gaming console by this spring. And finally, a couple months ago March saw a billion documents from Office uploaded to the cloud service, as well as integrated with the new MS Office.

Microsoft is looking towards the future now, it says, one in which it hopes to garner one billion users on its service. More features are promised for a future date, though what those features are aren't specified. Back in January, CEO Ballmer talked about the service, saying that its competitors aren't of any concern. You can check out some of the other recent happenings with SkyDrive here.

[via Windows]