Microsoft Boasts One Billion SkyDrive Documents, Improves Sharing Features

While Microsoft's SkyDrive may still be considered an infant in the cloud service race, the company is poised to continually improve the service with new features, and they even announced that SkyDrive has reached the one-billion document mark, proving that the service is constantly growing and catching up in popularity.

To celebrate the milestone, Microsoft introduced the ability for users to share and edit Office documents with users without a Microsoft account. Previously, only Microsoft account holders could share documents with one another, but the company has made it possible for outside users to edit documents and apply the changes anonymously.

Microsoft says the new feature is actually from requests from many users who were begging the company to include more lax sharing options. Students were actually the largest from the group who requested the feature, saying that they were wanting to share documents with other users that didn't have Microsoft accounts.

Microsoft says that people who you share a document with can now just go from clicking the link sent to them from a collaborator to editing the document in a snap without any hassle. Of course, Google Drive has had this kind of feature for a while now, but it's nice that other cloud office suites are taking advantage of it as well.