Microsoft Zune retail displays to get brighter

Microsoft's retail location plans are now public, but it's much more likely you'll come across something like this new Zune retail display at your local electronics emporium.  Designed by Oregon-based Planned Marketing Solutions International (PMSI), the new renders show a far more eye-catching (and less brown) evolution of the current, relatively dreary Zune displays.More renders after the cut

The renders also show a more intelligent attempt to differentiate the Zune from its rivals, with an Xbox 360 included to demonstrate the PMP's integration with the media-friendly console.  There are also laptops and WiFi to show how the Zune can wirelessly synchronize.

No word on when we might see retail displays such as these showing up in Best Buy and the like, nor whether Microsoft will go for them wholeheartedly or modify the design themselves.  Still, it's nice to see at least an attempt to move away from brown.

[via istartedsomething]