Microsoft Xbox One will be arriving in November

Robert Nelson - Jun 10, 2013, 1:35pm CDT
Microsoft Xbox One will be arriving in November

Closing out the E3 event today was the news many had been waiting to see confirmed — the pricing and the availability of the Xbox One. Without any further adieu, Microsoft will have the Xbox One available in November. The console will be launching in 21 countries in total and pricing will be $499. Well, $499 for those in the US anyway.

Outside of the US, Microsoft will have the console priced at 429 pounds for those in the UK and at 499 euros for those in Europe. Looking back, when the Xbox 360 launched in 2005 that was priced at $300 for the Core model and at $400 for the 20GB model. We aren’t entirely sure whether that bit of knowledge will make those considering a One purchase feel any better, but at least you can go in knowing you should have a much better experience — not only in gaming, but also in terms of home media.

Aside from the price and release of the Xbox One, we also saw plenty of details in terms of games today. There was talk of Battlefield 4 that will be launching with an exclusive map pack. The game introductions also include Titanfall, Halo, The Witcher 3 and Dead Rising 3. Of course, we cannot forget Minecraft and Project Spark.

While some of these titles may not be quite as exciting for everyone, those playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360 do have a few nice perks to look forward to seeing. All of the specifics were not revealed today, however Microsoft Corporate VP Phil Harrison touched on how Minecraft will arrive for the Xbox One with “more multiplayer” and “bigger maps.”

“Minecraft: Xbox One Edition” (4J/Mojang, Microsoft Studios). “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition” will deliver the “Minecraft” experience to Xbox One. Building off the hugely successful “Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition,” the edition on Xbox One will include larger maps for more complex structures, expanded multiplayer features and enhanced gameplay powered by the Xbox One platform. “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition” will be available within the Xbox One launch window.

Finally, as for Project Spark, this one will be arriving with SmartGlass and Kinect support and will allow players to create and setup the in-game features. Building upon that, those features can then be expanded upon by other players.

“Project Spark” (Team Dakota, Microsoft Studios). “Project Spark” is an open-world digital canvas that enables anyone to build, play and share whatever they can imagine and create in the game. It’s a powerful, yet simple way to build and play your own worlds, stories and games. Share all of your creations with a dynamic community and play what the community makes. “Project Spark” brings creation to life and presents endless opportunities for play across Xbox One, Windows 8 and Xbox 360.

Games aside, who is already making plans to pick up an Xbox One in November? And if so, which is the title (or features) that have convinced you to move forward with a purchase?

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