Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim to Debut at E3 if Rumors Prove True

We're no stranger to rumors about Microsoft slimming down their prodigal home console, the Xbox 360. We've even shown you pictures of what it might look like. And we're not surprised at all to hear that the rumors aren't dying down, especially so close to the first day of E3. With Microsoft set to announce quite a few things, a redesign to the 360 seems a perfect fit. And, if rumors from Fudzilla are to be believed, that's exactly what Microsoft has up their sleeve.

Sources divulged their information to the site, saying that a slimmer 'box, along with a slimmer price tag, could go a long way to ease the rumored price of Project Natal, which is set to launch later this year. Additionally, bundling a newer model with the motion-based peripheral would probably make more people interested in the purchase.

Rumors, and more rumors, further support the idea that Microsoft is all set to announce the official release date of Natal, along with the planned bundle, at E3. There would be no better place to do it, we imagine, and considering there's suggestions from the FCC that a new model of the PS3 is on the way from Sony, it may be time for Microsoft to switch things up on their own front. E3's right around the corner, so stay tuned.

[via Nexus404]