Microsoft Wireless XBox 360 Racing Wheel Taken For A Spin

Do peripherals make you happy?  Do they make you this happy?  I bet they sodding don't, but that's okay, you can get some of the joy yourself by buying Microsoft's official XBox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel.  The $149.99 wheel and pedal set get the once-over by the Xbox Canadian Live team, who come away thinking it's the bee's-knees; they praise the sturdiness of build, layout of buttons and paddles, lap and table fixing kit and responsiveness of the pedals.


Microsoft have obviously been looking at Audi's R-series wheels, as the flat-bottom design is part of the German company's performance car range.  What the Audi doesn't need is an AC supply to provide force-feedback; still, the Microsoft set doesn't cost the many thousands that a full car does!

Wireless Racing Wheel Review: Time to go fast [Xbox Canadian Live]