Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview announced for MWC 2012

The consumer version of Microsoft's newest hero system Windows 8 will be previewed this year in Spain at Mobile World Congress 2012. We've been invited to the event, it taking place on the 29th of February at 3PM local time and will be bringing you all the action we can capture as it happens. This Consumer preview will likely let us know exactly what we'll be looking at in the release for Windows 8 to the broader market early this year, hopefully inside the end of February or soon after.

The invitation doesn't give any clues as to how the actual consumer version of Windows 8 will be any different from the versions we've seen thus far, so we must assume that we've essentially seen it all already – but you never know! This version of Windows 8 should let us in on the newest version working on both desktop computers and tablets, and should give us an idea of when manufacturers will be releasing devices with the newest system on devices natively. Will 2012 be the year that Windows makes its triumphant return to the mid-class between mobile and desktop?

We'll be live at the events on Wednesday, February 29th, 2012, and you can join us in our Mobile World Congress 2012 portal right here:

[MWC 2012]

Don't forget then to stick around for the rest of the MWC 2012 action which will surely bring some surprises alongside the releases we've been teased with over these past few weeks between CES and now. Can't wait!