Microsoft wants your Xbox One wireless controller designs

Microsoft has been going a bit contest-crazy lately with the run-up to and launch of its next-gen gaming console Xbox One. Aside from all the promotional contests for the system itself, last weekend it announced the "Made By You" Gamerpic design contest, which is still going on (deadline is Dec. 9.) Later in the week–two days ago–it announced a contest for designing the best Xbox One wireless controller.

From now until Dec. 31, you can submit up to three designs to adorn the face of the console's controller. Microsoft isn't guaranteeing your design will actually be produced, but there's a chance it will produce a limited run. There's also some prize money in it, if self-expression isn't a big enough motivator.

Artistically speaking, the sky is the limit. Just download the template, work your magic, and upload your design to the gallery. Do it up to three times to increase your odds of winning. The Xbox team will select a grand prize, but the public has a say in the contest, too. Voting takes place Jan. 13-27.

Grand prize gets $1,000, five wireless controllers, and a chance of having your design produced. People's Choice (the most public votes) gets $750. Nine first-prize awards of $500 will be given. "Best Use of Microsoft's Fresh Paint App" gets a $150 gift certificate to and a Sensu digital artist brush and stylus.

SOURCE: VentureBeat