Microsoft unleashes collection of Windows 8 gesture mice

This week Microsoft has revealed a collection of hardware that's made specifically for the next generation of software, Windows 8, including several new mice. Three new mouse units are coming your way to Microsoft stores immediately if not soon, the Wedge Touch Mouse, the Sculpt Touch Mouse, and the Microsoft Touch Mouse. The Microsoft Touch Mouse specifically has been out before, but is this summer prepared to be updates for gesture settings with Windows 8.

Microsoft Touch Mouse

This device is the same great unit you've loved in the past, here with a selection of new Windows 8 connections: gesture ready to go. You've got one-finger swipes for natural side-to-side and up-and-down movements on the screen. Two-finger movements will work for managing apps, showing app commands, and switching through apps as well. Three finger gestures allow for zooming in and out, and thumb gestures navigate backward and forward within apps.

The price for the new generation of Microsoft Touch Mouse is up for sale today for $79.95. You'll be tracking on virtually any surface with BlueTrack Technology, you've got Bluetooth connectivity, and you'll be rocking and rolling with Windows 8 very soon.

Sculpt Touch Mouse

With the Scupt Touch Mouse you'll be working fabulously with the Sculpt Mobile Keyboard – have a peek at our outline of the keyboard units revealed today as well. Microsoft has created the Sculpt Touch Mouse is also made for Windows 8, Bluetooth and swipes ready to go. You've got a four-way touch scroll strip up top for gesturing up and down, left and right, and navigating through applications and documents as well.

Estimated retail price for the Sculpt Touch Mouse is $49.95 while the Sculpt Mobile Keyboard that goes with it will also ring up the same price.

Wedge Touch Mouse

The Wedge Touch Mouse may very well be the coolest of the mice revealed this week with a compact frame and, again, the ability to work rather well with Windows 8. This mouse works with BlueTrack Technology for use on virtually any surface as well as Bluetooth for wireless connections. This unit has a Backpack Mode that powers it down and puts it to sleep along with the computer that it's paired to automatically – magic!

And of course it's got four-way touch scrolling and navigation for Windows 8 as well. This unit will ring you up $69.95 USD while the Wedge Mobile Keyboard – it's companion – will cost you $79.95.

Check out your local Microsoft Store to pick one of these lovely beasts up, or order them online!