Microsoft Tegra-based phone rumors reignite; Poppycock says firm

Microsoft is once again being tipped to announce a new, homegrown smartphone that would not only use the company's software but their own hardware too.  This latest incarnation of the rumor comes courtesy of Broadpoint AmTech analyst Doug Freedman, who has suggested that Microsoft will use a Qualcomm baseband and NVIDIA Tegra chipset in their new device.

"We have been able to identify NVDA's second handset design win for the Tegra Applications Processor (our Jan. 12th note identified HTC). We believe that Tegra is also designed into an upcoming Microsoft smartphone (with a Qualcomm baseband solution). We believe that MSFT may announce one of the new phones at 3GSM" Doug Freedman, chip analyst, Broadpoint AmTech

The self-branded smartphone rumor is one that just won't die.  As you might expect – on the eve of Mobile World Congress, with various Microsoft hardware partners preparing to launch a variety of devices running Windows Mobile, and the company themselves expected to unveil version 6.5 of the platform – Microsoft have quickly rolled out their usual denial:

"Microsoft has no plans to make a phone..Our core focus has been and will continue to be providing software plus services and working with our partners to deliver great phones. Our partners have been integral in our success to date, and we are excited about the innovation we are bringing to the market together" Microsoft statement

If Freedman is correct, MWC (which used to be known as 3GSM) will also see a new Microsoft phone, possibly the much-rumored Zune phone that would be aimed at a more consumer market than Windows Mobile's business and enterprise scope.  However the company has been equally quick to dismiss those rumors too, with Steve Ballmer making a public statement to that effect last month.