Microsoft teases Xbox One Japanese game dev partnerships

Shane McGlaun - Nov 27, 2013
Microsoft teases Xbox One Japanese game dev partnerships

There were a lot of gamers in Japan that weren’t happy with Microsoft when the company decided it wouldn’t launch the Xbox One in Japan this year. The launch of the new next gen game console won’t come to Japan until early 2014. Japan hasn’t historically been the best market for the Xbox, but Microsoft is hoping to change that with the Xbox One.

In the build up to launching the new console in Japan, Microsoft has announced that it has signed up some prominent Japanese game developers to make games for the Xbox One. Microsoft’s VP Phil Spencer goes so far as to say these will be “full Japanese games” rather than small downloadable titles.

Xbox One gamers in Japan will also have some indie games from developers in their country to try out. Microsoft has admitted that the developer behind the Xbox One game Crimson Dragon, Yukio Futatsugi, is currently in talks on projects to do next for the Xbox One.

Microsoft isn’t offering up all the details on the Japanese game devs that it has signed up at this time. Microsoft is saying that gamers need to stay tuned for more details about its Japanese developer partnerships in 2014. Presumably, the details will be announced closer to the Japanese launch of the Xbox One.

SOURCE: Escapist Magazine

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