Microsoft takes a dig at Samsung in Surface vs. Galaxy Tab commercial

Will Conley - Nov 27, 2013, 5:30 pm CST
Microsoft takes a dig at Samsung in Surface vs. Galaxy Tab commercial

Last year, Samsung considered building a Windows 8 (RT), ARM-based, Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered tablet for Microsoft. But then, along with companies like HP, Samsung dropped out of the Windows 8 tablet production party to continue pursuing its Galaxy Tab prospects. Today, Microsoft issued a new commercial taking a dig at Samsung for its 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab’s lack of a full-size USB port.

The commercial points out that you can’t charge the Android-based Galaxy Tab 10.1 and plug in an external device like a phone or camera at the same time. You need additional equipment. With a Surface tablet from MS, however, you can do both.

That distinction makes a difference in terms of multitasking. The microUSB port that charges the 10.1 shares itself with externals. Of course, additional hardware adds weight — and comparing the two devices in many respects is a case of apples and oranges (operating systems being the main point.)

If we’re to read into the commercial (which we are wont to do on occasion, mea culpa) it seems to be saying You should have stuck with your Uncle Microsoft on this one, Samsung. Have you found the lack of a full-size USB on your Galaxy Tab to be much of a burden on your day-to-day activities? Do you feel in your heart of hearts that you would use your Tab more if it had an extra port as the Surface does? Or is this difference irrelevant to you?

SOURCE: Microsoft
VIA: Microsoft-News

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