Microsoft Surfaces scarce for the holidays as Music Kit remains in limbo

Will Conley - Dec 18, 2013
Microsoft Surfaces scarce for the holidays as Music Kit remains in limbo

Looking to buy a Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 tablet computer in time for Christmas? Don’t go to the source. It seems the Surface situation over at the online Microsoft Store is bleak. The online retailer has been out of its two hero tablet models for “the past several days,” reports Neowin. But they’re out there if you know where to keep digging. “X” marks the spot after the jump.

Best Buy has some of the wayward tablets in stock. Every model is shown as available, but only a few can be shipped without delay. Those include the 32GB Surface 2 and the 64 and 128GB Surface Pro 2. You can purchase other models, but shipment within the next seven days for those is a foggy prospect.

The other retailer recommended by Neowin is Staples. But that selection is markedly smaller: the store’s retail website has just the 128GB Surface Pro 2. So between Best Buy and Staples, the big-storage 128GB Surface Pro 2 is your best bet for a Surface offering right now.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s latest and shiniest Surface add-on hardware item, the Surface Music Kit, is also nowhere to be seen — except in promotional materials and store models. The music mixing “blade” attaches to your Surface tablet and lets you remix music to your heart’s content. The demo video below shows a Microsoft brick-and-mortar store employee interpolating sound samples and effects over a backing track using the Music Kit.

Are you one of those people looking for a Surface 2 or Pro 2? How about a Music Kit? Have you run across any reputable retailers stocking these items that you can share with our readers? Make with the info in the comments for great victory.

SOURCE: Neowin

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