Microsoft Surface Duo cuts price in half, but don't be fooled

The two-screen Android device called Microsoft Surface Duo just had a price gut. It's had its guts ripped out at a whopping 50% off, down to around $700 from its original $1400 USD. This isn't the first time the device's price has been clipped, and it probably won't be the last.

I would not recommend you buy this device, even if you see it available for the $700 USD reported today. This device is not made for most gaming*, has an odd shape for most media, and isn't particularly well suited for anything other than the business Microsoft showed in advertisements when they were still promoting the hardware.

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The Microsoft Surface Duo has an OK processor inside, if you're considering it appropriate for a smartphone released a couple years ago. It would still be decent enough for a single display now, but here in 2021 with two displays and 6GB RAM, it's not really ready to roll out with much more than the most basic of dual-screen apps.

The displays are 1800 x 1350 across 5.6-inches, each. They're decent, but only baseline for image refresh rate. They're both 60Hz, which means you're getting a max of 60 frames per second. *That's OK, but only if you really, really want the most basic Xbox Game Pass streaming graphics for internet-connected gameplay.

If you're looking to buy this device because you want to put it in your collection of odd smartphones and smartphone-like devices, by all means, go for it. Even then, you might want to wait a bit longer until the device is at bargain basement prices. They aren't likely going to sell out of this device any time soon – unless they suggest that they're about to make another one.