Microsoft Research video tour

I've always been impressed with Microsoft's research department; while the rest of the company seems to be ruled by the iron fist of "market forces", the engineers and developers in the test labs are gleefully mucking about with software and hardware that stretches the interaction of computer technology with our lives to new lengths.  I'd jump at the chance to go take a tour of their facility, but as I await the invitation I'll have to make do with Robert Scoble's latest video project.

There are a few different videos to choose from, including a full hour of in-depth footage and various "editor's choice" clips.  You can find them all from Scoble's blog, linked below (and with an obvious link-bait title; Robert, come on, we expect – or at least would like – better from you).  I just wish more of what these clever guys come up with would make it – untainted by the cruel hand of commercialisation – into mainstream release.

One thing Microsoft does WAY better than Google: Research[Scobleizer]