Microsoft Removes Red Ring from New Xbox 360

While Microsoft's Xbox 360 still sustains one of the most robust and feature-filled online gaming platforms around, it's marred by some bad press. Why? What's known as the "Red Ring of Death." RRoD is something that every Xbox 360 owner out there fears, whether they've experienced it first hand or not. So, one of the many questions most people asked themselves after the announcement of the new Xbox 360, was obviously whether or not we'd have to worry about that red ring or not. Well, we've got an answer. Kind of.

If you take a quick look at that spec sheet, you'll notice that in the Ring of Light sections, there's the "Ax Red/Green" noted in the original 360's side. As for the new one? No more red lights. Which, by default, means no more red ring. So, the main indicator of an overheated Xbox 360 is now gone from the new system. Does that mean Microsoft's found a way to make sure the system doesn't overheat (under normal circumstances, of course)?

We already know the new Xbox 360 has a whisper-quiet fan, so maybe they've made some necessary changes to the rest of the console as well, proactively going after that overheating problem. We'd really appreciate that. While removing the lights may have seemed like a stroke of genius at the time, and maybe it still is, but if the console's still going to overheat, we'd much prefer some kind of visual identification to the problem.

[via TechRadar]