Microsoft removes Kinect Gestures in latest Xbox One update

Chris Scott Barr - Nov 11, 2015, 10:29am CST
Microsoft removes Kinect Gestures in latest Xbox One update

Since Microsoft started releasing Xbox One bundles without the Kinect, people have been wondering if the device is facing its death. It’s definitely a valid concern, since the decision to exclude the Kinect from a majority of bundles leaves the market with a fractured ownership base. When everyone had one, it was easier for developers to justify the integration of features that took advantage of the accessory. Well, tomorrow’s Xbox One update will add another nail to the gadget’s coffin.

Tomorrow marks the launch of the highly-anticipated new Xbox One Experience. With it comes a host of new features, such as backwards compatibility for more than 100 titles. What’s interesting is that it will actually be removing a feature from the console. After tomorrow, the Kinect’s gestures will no longer work. The reason? According to Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra, very few people ever used them. Except to mess with your friends, of course.

Personally, I only ever found the gestures to be clunky and counter-intuitive. When they did work properly, I could still manage most of the same functions with less effort by using a controller or voice commands. Speaking of voice commands, those will be left in tact, as they’re still quite useful.

While the removal of Kinect gestures is not a huge loss, it simply adds to the larger picture that paints the Kinect a failure. Sure, there are still some good uses for it, but not enough for most people to justify purchasing one. Microsoft still claims that “the people with Kinect still make up a very, very sizable portion” of their user base. But since you could only buy an Xbox One bundled with a Kinect at the beginning, this is no surprise to anyone.

VIA: Polygon

Source: Windows Central

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