Microsoft releases Send, a minimal email app for iPhone

In a time where we've got our hands full with mobile email apps, there are even multiple offering from the same provider, such as the standard Gmail and alternate take "Inbox." Now Microsoft is pulling a similar move, with a lightweight, minimal function email app called Send, hitting the iPhone first. To sum it up in one sentence, Send is a bit of mix between email and instant messaging. It was also previously known as "Flow," an Outlook project that was leaked back in May.Available now in the iOS App Store, Send comes from Microsoft's Garage division, which develops experimental software. The app is about as far as one can get from Outlook, with the primary focus being to send quick, simple message to co-workers or friends. In other words, exactly the kind of thing you'd do with your favorite messaging app.

Send still relies on reaching people via their email addresses, but the similarity to a standard email app pretty much ends there. There's no subject lines, signatures, or any other bloated features that are mostly useless when just trying to send a quick message about running late or asking if someone wants coffee from a phone.

What does make it useful for diehard Outlook fans is that messages from Send are accessible, but not vice-versa. You can see content from both apps in Outlook, but Send will only display messages that take place within Send.

Microsoft says that for its initial release, Send requires either an Office 365 business or education account, though it will be opened up in the coming months. Also, while it's launching for free on iPhone first, it will eventually see release on both Android and Windows Phone as well.

SOURCE Microsoft

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