Microsoft Origami site to fold by end of April

Microsoft's Origami campaign came in for both praise and criticism, and while they can't claim to entirely control the UMPC (or subsequent MID) markets they've were at least initially responsible for promoting ultramobile PCs.  Now Microsoft have decided to shut down their official Origami project site, three years after it was founded.

According to the official Origami Team Blog, the sites closure has been precipitated by their realization that "we cannot cover all current mobile computing topics in a single site".  The pages were already being manned by a skeleton staff, and the lack of moderators in the forums and comments pages meant that hardcore UMPC fanatics often went elsewhere. will "retire" sometime around the end of April.  No word on whether the existing content – tutorials, guides and other editorials – will remain available after that.

[via Ultramobile PC Tips]