Microsoft opens up Office for Android beta program

Microsoft, who have become as much of a software provider as a hardware company in the mobile space, are reportedly working on a private beta program for Office. This time, they'll concentrate on Android, after making a successful splash on iOS earlier this year.

The new Office for Android is expected later this year, and is expected to mimic the functionality of Office for iOS. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all expected to be featured. Like the iOS version, this one is also focused on tablets, though it's not clear if Microsoft will limit it to certain hardware variants or not.

A special private beta has been set up for those interested in checking it out early. The new Office for Android is also said to operate using Microsoft's new touch-friendly UI, which we saw briefly at BUILD. The Windows version of this touch-friendly Office is due in 2015.

Offering up an Android version ahead of their own would be an important step in supporting other platforms, which is what new CEO Satya Nadella promises to do. He is well noted as saying his Microsoft will support software across platforms, treating them as equally as Microsoft's own Windows. Office for Android would definitely have many believing that's true.

Via: The Verge