Microsoft KIN Gets Second Chance On Verizon

Microsoft's KIN was arguably scuppered by Verizon's insistence on pairing the starter-smartphone with a mandatory full-price data plan; customers weren't convinced, and the KIN ONE and KIN TWO were pulled from shelves in July. Now, it seems, Verizon is giving the KIN a second chance; according to a device overview from the carrier leaked to PPCGeeks, both handsets will return sometime this quarter.

Verizon spoilt KIN with data the first time, and if Engadget's sources are correct, they'll be doing the same thing the second time as well. They've heard that the two phones will be completely debundled from data services, with Zune Pass access over WiFi.

That means no mobile uploads from the KIN ONE's 5-megapixel camera or the KIN TWO's 8-megapixel camera, and the data-heavy "Loop" sharing feature and other functionality of that sort "are out". They suggest it's a way to clear out any remaining inventory before the end of the year; we're still not impressed.