Microsoft is giving OneNote a fresh design and version tweak

During the pandemic, many people who never used Microsoft OneNote in their working lives have begun using the application to take notes and to view shared notes from their supervisors in many companies. With the increased popularity of OneNote, Microsoft has taken the time to talk about some changes coming to the application for Windows over the next year. The updates include a major visual refresh for the service.

Other updates will feature a new navigational user interface layout option that is flexible to meet the customer's preferences along with other new features. The updates will come to OneNote on Windows no matter which OneNote app users are taking advantage of. There will be a path for everyone to get the update, whether they use the OneNote app installed with Office or the OneNote for Windows 10 app in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft says that updates to Windows and Office will allow it to unify those two apps bring the simplicity of a single OneNote app for Windows users. When the changes apply, users will see the app gain new features and key existing features that are currently only available on OneNote for Windows 10. OneNote for Windows 10 users will get an in-app invitation update to the new OneNote app when it's available.

Microsoft currently expects to begin sending those invitations out in the second half of 2022. The software giant promises a future announcement that will be dedicated to IT pros detailing available controls over the timing and experience of updating users to the new OneNote app. Microsoft says anyone currently using OneNote for Windows 10 doesn't need to take any action today.

That app will continue to function until all the work is completed. However, Microsoft notes that any IT Pro planning to deploy OneNote to their organization is recommended to do so by deploying the OneNote app.