Microsoft & Firefox combine - all hail our new interweb overlords!

In a move that's bound to satisfy just about everybody who uses the internet, since we all secretly know that only huge corporations have the capacity to best manage our online experience, Microsoft have announced that they have aggressively taken-over Firefox and will be retailing it as Microsoft Firefox 2007.

Featuring such added productivity boosts as an Online Pornography Booster (giving 10x faster downloads of your daily smut), TakeOver Technology to efficiently recognise and disable your anti-virus provision (shipping with McAfee and Symantec support, but I'm sure they'll add others later), and a broad choice of browsing styles (minimised, maximised and full-screen), Microsoft Firefox 2007 is bound to be the browser that'll live even longer than IE6.

Product Page [Microsoft Firefox 2007] - thanks to JialongC for the tip!

[This is, of course, a parody]