Microsoft Finally Starts Talking Windows 8 In New Blog

Microsoft announced a new blog today dedicated to all things Windows 8. The software giant has been very secretive about developments for this next-gen platform, but that's about to change. The new site will let partners and developers in on the building of Windows 8 and give them an opportunity to provide feedback.

Windows President Steven Sinofsky posted the first blog entry today to kick off the new site, admitting that the company has heard "some people express frustration about how little we've communicated about Windows 8 so far." Sinofsky also assured that that many more details about the full spectrum of tools and capabilities within Windows 8 will be demonstrated at the company's BUILD conference in September.

The Windows 8 tablet UI was demoed back in June during the AllThingsD conference and was then shown to be running on some prototype tablets at Computex 2011. The platform is expected to work with both Intel processors as well as ARM-based SoCs, making it the one platform for future Windows desktops, laptops, and tablets.

Rumors suggest that the public beta build for Windows 8 could be unveiled during CES 2012 and that the final build will reach the market in Autumn of next year.

[via WinRumors]