Microsoft confirms Windows 7 upgrade issue for digital copies

Back in September, Microsoft offered students the ability to purchase Windows 7 for only $29.99. I am sure that there were gobs of students who pre-ordered the OS to be digitally delivered via Digital River when the OS launched last week. PC World reports that "hundreds" of Windows 7 buyers who purchased digital copies are getting errors when they try to install.

Microsoft has officially confirmed an error with installing the digital version of Windows 7 purchased through Digital River. At this time, Microsoft is said to be investigating reports, but has offered no fix yet. Users reportedly began complaining of problems within hours of the launch of the OS last week.

The error reportedly happenes after the "Unloading the Box" progress meter is full and the error reads, "We are Unable to create or save new files to the folder in which this application was downloaded." Microsoft engineers claim they will post a fix when they can find the cause of the issue.