Microsoft confirm new Zune hardware in 2009

Short and, if you're a Microsoft PMP lover, sweet: Zune team member Brian Seitz at Microsoft has confirmed that the company will release new Zune hardware this year via his Twitter account.  No specific details for the new model – or models – have been revealed.

It comes as no real surprise, in a way, that new Zunes are coming; Microsoft last announced an updated range back in December 2008, in the shape of new color options for the Zune 120.  Rumors have circulated that the company plans a phone/Zune crossover device, something that Microsoft themselves continually deny.

Of course, just because all of the Zune products so far have been PMPs, it doesn't mean everything Microsoft announce this year will be the same.  Earlier this month the company advertised for a software engineer to work on living room media under the Zune banner, suggesting that Microsoft have on-demand music and video on your HDTV in mind.  It's unclear if this means a new software release for another device (such as the Xbox 360) or a piece of hardware.

[via Engadget]