Microsoft Comes Clean With Internet Explorer Distrust

This week the folks at Microsoft have finally come to terms with the idea that nobody other than hipster's mothers, uncles, and half-naked girlfriends use the web browser known as Internet Explorer. They've released a new commercial which features a therapist speaking with a nerd about how he "used to" hate Internet Explorer and how, now that he's gotten past his madness, he can move on the IE 9. When you accept that you have a problem, the healing can begin.

This commercial was released just this month by the folks in charge of Internet Explorer and they've got your number if you're a person like this man in the chair. For they've recognized the fact that the vast majority of nerds and otherwise anyone under the age of 40 knows that older versions of Internet Explorer are utterly terrible in comparison to the common workings of the modern web, and it's quite apparent here in the video.

Are you the sort of person that sits in judgement of your peers for using Internet Explorer? Have you used Internet Explorer 9? Please feel free to vent on the subject here, and let us know if you also have a cat like the fellow in the video dressed up as a police officer. You need help!