Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 eyes your iPad

Microsoft has outed a new keyboard, the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000, targeted at mobile professionals hoping to do some serious text-entry on their iOS, Android or Windows tablets. On sale later this month, the wireless peripheral offers the hardware division's familiar Comfort Curve design along with low-profile keys and a few helpful shortcuts such as volume.

Power is from three AAA batteries – Microsoft even throws in a set with the keyboard itself. The Mobile Keyboard 5000 is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 machines, as well as iOS 4.2.1, 4.3.1, and 4.3 devices whether iPad or iPhone. It'll also play nicely with Android 2.2, Android 3.0 and Android 3.1 phones and tablets.

The angled design likely means this won't fit quite as easily into a bag as a rectangular keyboard, and nor does it fold up like other portable 'boards we've seen, but you can't beat a regular-sized layout for comfortable typing. The Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 goes on sale later this month, priced at $49.95.