Microsoft berates iPad again in new Windows 8 tablet ad

Craig Lloyd - Jun 14, 2013, 9:35am CDT
Microsoft berates iPad again in new Windows 8 tablet ad

Microsoft is continuing its ad campaign comparing its various Windows 8 tablets to the iPad with a new television spot featuring the Dell XPS 10. This time around, the Redmond-based company takes a jab at the iPad’s inability to pinch-to-zoom on the home screen, as well as not having an SD card slot or do any split-screen computing.

Just like with past commercials, Microsoft steals Siri for this one as a mock of sorts to Apple’s virtual assistant, when Siri tells its users that “you can’t do that,” or “I don’t have an SD card slot.” Then, the ad ends showing the price comparison of the two tablets, with the iPad 32GB costing $599, while the Dell XPS 10 32GB model costs only $399.

Of course, the iPad does offer adapters that you can buy to plug in memory cards that are rather cheap if you get a generic one on eBay, and while Microsoft touts that its Windows 8 tablets can do “more than one thing at once,” Apple’s recently unveiled iOS 7 shows that multitasking is improving on the mobile operating system. As for pinch-to-zoom on the home screen, well, we don’t really think that’s too much of a deal.

Microsoft released Office 365 for the iPhone today, but left out the iPad for some reason. If you recall, Microsoft scoffed at the iPad for not having the ability to support PowerPoint (of course, that’s mostly Microsoft’s fault), so we’re guessing the company is leaving out the iPad in its Office 365 release just so they can berate the Apple tablet just a little while longer.

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