Microsoft pounces iPad again with new comparison ad

Adding on to its previous new ad taking a knock at Siri and the iPad, Microsoft is back with another ad that outlines the iPad's lack of multitasking, and the setbacks with printing and other hardware downsides. In this case, Microsoft uses an ASUS VivoTab RT and puts it up against the latest fourth-generation iPad.

The video compares both tablets as far as hardware specs are concerned, such as the weight and size of the tablets, as well as the selection of apps and the ability to multitask. Microsoft shows off the ASUS tablet running full Office, while the iPad only has the OneNote app. And while the iPad can quickly switch between apps, Microsoft gloats that the VivoTab can do split-screen multitasking.

The ad also demonstrates that Windows 8 tablets have a microSD card slot built in, while the iPad requires an adapter in order to get the same functionality. Microsoft even brings up printing, noting that the iPad only works with AirPrint-compatible printers, while Windows 8 tablets work with nearly any printer.

While Microsoft's previous tablet commercials have been all about focusing only on the tablet itself, these new ads put some focus on the competition — in this case, it's the iPad that's giving Microsoft's tablets a run for their money, so it seems the company wants to set the record straight and let people know the benefits of their tablets.

It's certainly a blatant call out to the iPad, which could result in some eye rolls by viewers, but we have to say these ads are a bit better than office workers break-dancing on top of tables and flinging around their Surface tablets. It's certainly a better ad for those who don't like flashy and fast-paced advertisements (*raises hand*).