Microsoft announces weekly “Red Stripe Deals” on apps and games

Craig Lloyd - Apr 4, 2013, 2:17 pm CST
Microsoft announces weekly “Red Stripe Deals” on apps and games

We know you can never get enough of app deals, and Microsoft seems to be pretty adamant about that too, which is why they have announced what they’re calling “Red Stripe Deals,” where they’ll be putting a select number of apps and games on sale every Thursday. And no, they aren’t talking about the cheap Jamaican beer.

Each week, the Windows Store will feature three new apps for the Red Stripe Deals each week. Each week, there will “typically” be one Xbox game, one indie game, and one top-rated app, all of which will be marked down by at least 50% of the original price. Microsoft says that Red Stripe name comes from the red stripe that you’ll see on the apps that are on sale for that week.

What does Microsoft have on sale this week? The inaugural Red Stripe collection features Runtastic Pro, Assassin’s Creed: Altairs Chronicles HD, and King Oddball — all of which are just $0.99 each. These three apps/games will only be discounted for a week, so grab them now before next Thursday rolls around.

Windows Phone 8 has seen a lot of neat apps and games come its way as of late. Just recently, Temple Run was released on Windows Phone 8, as was Pandora, which comes with no ads until 2014, which is usually a feature only granted to paying subscribers of the music-streaming service. Now, Windows Phone 8 users get the deal exclusively.

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