Pandora arrives on Windows Phone 8, ad-free until 2014

Pandora, the ever-popular internet radio service, is now available for Windows Phone 8 devices. It took a while for the app to reach Microsoft's new platform, but nonetheless, WP8 users can get in on the music-streaming action right now. Plus, Pandora is making their WP8 app ad-free until 2014, as well as tacking on a couple of exclusive features.

Both Pandora and Microsoft know that you've been waiting a long time for a Windows Phone 8 version of the app to come out, and they even announced plans to bring Pandora to WP8 during the platform's launch event, so as a gift for your patience, they're giving WP8 users an ad-free experience until the end of this year. This is a feature that only normally comes to premium subscribers of the service.

Furthermore, the app comes with Live Tile support, meaning that you can check out what artist and song is playing right from the home screen, and users can simply tap on the tile to go directly to the app. Microsoft and Pandora claim this as the app's exclusive features, so if you were expecting anything groundbreaking in the actual app (besides the ad-free experience), you may be disappointed.

Along with the ad-free experience, however, users will also be able to play unlimited music. Pandora recently stuck a 40-hour monthly limit on its service for free users, but Windows Phone 8 users will be able to listen to all of the music that their hearts desire until the end of the year, after which you can spring for the monthly or yearly plans ($3.99 monthly or $36 yearly).