Microsoft And Novell Up The Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...

...and in other news, a surprise run on woolly hats with holes for your devil horns as Hell freezes over.  Microsoft have obviously decided that Linux is no longer an open-source cancer that must be excised with nice, proprietary-code software, because as of today they're working together with Novell to ensure that Windows and Suse, Novell's own Linux blend, can cosy together in happy symbiosis.

Novell's CEO, Ronald Hovsepian, told reporters that ""We came together to focus on giving you, our customers, the choice" – as long as their choice involves giving each of the two companies lots and lots of money.  Unsurprisingly, the rest of the Linux world has been pretty critical of the deal, with Red Hat declaring this not only a victory for the open-source OS but reminding Novell that "An innovation tax is unthinkable. Free and open source software provides the necessary environment for true innovation."

Other boons of the pact will include a move towards compatibility between Office and OpenOffice, development of virtualisation technologies allowing for multiple OS installs running simultaneously on the same machine, and co-operative support for both company's software.

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