Microsoft's Mobile Surface in the works [Video]

Microsoft's multi-touch Surface technology has garnered much attention since its preliminary release in 2008, but was called to be too cumbersome and pricey by some.  The tech giant has a new interaction project in the works, and what apparently seems to be a revamped mobile version of its tabletop-only Surface.

The aptly dubbed "Mobile Surface" links a mobile phone to a camera system and projector, allowing users to interact with a screen projected onto a tabletop by moving their hands in the air above it, interacting with the image.  An interesting video demo featuring drums via Techflash shows how it may work.

Besides this, their work also includes how to get 3D object model in real-time, augmented reality and multiple-layer 3D information presentation, With this, Microsoft seems to demonstrate its clear interest in next-gen interactive user interfaces, along with Natal scheduled for an end of the year release.