Micron's Crucial X6 portable SSD now comes in a whopping 4TB

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Micron has a new eternal SSD range, and if you've been wanting big capacities to go with your rugged portable storage, the revamped Crucial X6 may do the trick. Now offered in up to 4TB capacities, the USB-C drives tip the scales at under 40 grams for maximum portability.

Since it's all solid-state memory rather than a spinning drive inside, there's more resilience there from the get-go. Micron says that the X6 drives are capable of withstanding a 6.5 foot drop onto a carpeted floor without losing data, as well as being safe against shock and extremes of temperature.

Of course, the downside to SSDs has traditionally been less capacity than their HDD counterparts. The new Crucial X6 comes in up to 4TB capacity, which certainly isn't small, though neither is the price tag. Expect to pay $489.99 for the drive.

At the other end of the scale, there's now a 500GB version of the X6. That'll be a lot more affordable, at $69.95.

Speeds, meanwhile, are up to 800 MB/s for read performance courtesy of USB 3.2 Gen 2. USB Type-C is supported out of the box – meaning it'll work with recent PCs, Macs, Sony's PlayStation 5, and more – but Micron will also have USB Type-A adapters. With one of those, you could plug the SSDs into an older computer or something like an Xbox Series X or Series S, or a PlayStation 4.

In-between the new capacity options are Micron's Crucial X6 1TB drive, at $129.95, and the X6 2TB drive, at $189.95. All four are available to order now.