Micron low-power performance DDR3 RAM headed to NVIDIA

Chris Davies - Jun 18, 2009, 4:24 am CDT
Micron low-power performance DDR3 RAM headed to NVIDIA

Different types of RAM may not be as exciting or glossy as different ultraportables, say, or the latest CULV netbook, but it can have a whole lot of impact on how enjoyable the end result turns out to be.  Micron have announced a new high-performance, low-power DDR3 memory, which the company claims uses the industry’s lowest 1.35V one-gigabit DDR3 components.

The upshot of that is a claimed 20-percent  reduction in power usage, when compared to “standard” 1.5V memory modules, but still with the same performance improvements from DDR3.  Bandwidth remains at 1,333 megabits per second.

Micron are now working with NVIDIA to validate the new RAM for use with their processors; given one of the company’s most recent announcements has been the Tegra platform for Smartbooks, which boast 1080p-delivering performance while still promising extended battery life, it doesn’t seem all that surprising that they’re interested in low-power memory.  The first 2GB Micron DDR3 chips are available now; 4GB versions will begin sampling in the fall.

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