Michelin pulls out all the stops with a SEMA Supercar Spectacular

Chris Davies - Nov 6, 2006

When I’m not stroking cellphones or diddling Tablet PCs I’m often to be found gaping in childish lust at some of the bigger, petrol powered toys available today.  So it’s a sight to make me more than a little moist seeing Michelin’s display at this year’s SEMA show – no resorting to diamanté-clad convertibles or scantily clad and gravity-defyingly-busty babes, oh no, just a few million dollars worth of supercar piled high.

Michelin SEMA 2006 supercar display

On offer for our hungry eyes are a Bugatti Veyron, a McLaren F1, a Koenigsegg CCX, a Saleen S7 tt, a Pagani Zonda, a Fisker, a RUF and a Caparo T1. 

Michelin SEMA 2006 Supercar display

Autoblog have high-resolution images of all of them, if you fancy a wallpaper change.

SEMA Gallery: Greatest Supercar Display ever from Michelin [Autoblog]

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