Michael Goddard, AMD employee since 1988, leaves for Samsung

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 27, 2012
Michael Goddard, AMD employee since 1988, leaves for Samsung

AMD‘s financial woes have been ongoing for awhile now, and it is no secret that employees are jumping ship as the issue worsens. It seems that Michael Goddard is one such employee, who after having worked at AMD for nearly 25 years, has left the company to work for Samsung instead. He now works as a system architect at a Samsung office in Texas.

Goddard worked as an engineer for AMD, having started back in 1988. His departure comes after that of over two dozen other AMD executives who have left the company during 2012, not all of whom left voluntarily. As we reported back in October, the company hinted that it would cut a significant amount of its workforce, including those higher up.

That scenario came into fruition, with AMD announcing a short five days later – after its third quarter financial data came in – that it was laying off employees. The company’s Q3 financial report revealed a non-GAAP net loss of $150 million. The company is expected to layoff even more employees in 2013.

As for Goddard and Samsung, neither have offered any sort of statement about the employment shift. While Goddard’s LinkedIn profile was briefly available to show some information, including that he moved to Samsung this month and is a system architect, it is no longer publicly viewable. AMD, however, confirmed that he has left the company.

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