MFAA: NVIDIA Delivers 4X MXAA Quality At Half The Cost

With Multi-Frame Sampled-AA, NVIDIA is set to deliver MXAA-level rendering at the processing cost of 2XAA. Instead of using four sample points inside a pixel to decide what color it'll be, (like you would with 4X MXAA,) you're using two alternating sample points per frame.

This system requires that your frame rate be right around 30FPS or more. If the frame rate is too low, MFAA will produce flickers. Above 30 or 40 FPS, things will look great.

Having a peek at a demonstration of a scene with 4X MXAA alongside one with MFAA, you'll find great similarity. The scenes will look very similar – nearly identical – but the MFAA scene needs about half as much process power to make it all happen.

This system is one of several revealed by NVIDIA this week as part of their ever-expanding graphics optimization suite. Have a peek at our NVIDIA tag portal for more information right this minute!