MetroPCS offers free iPhone SE, T-Mobile LG BOGO deal starts Friday

Just in time for tax refund season arrives a new promo from MetroPCS: a free iPhone SE for anyone who switches over an eligible line and signs up for an eligible mobile plan. It's a great deal if you're looking for a new carrier and a new smartphone, but it's not your only option. Starting this Friday, T-Mobile will kick off its own special promotion that will give certain customers a second smartphone for free.READ: iPhone SE Review – Classic Remix

For iOS lovers, MetroPCS is offering a $150 Instant rebate that gets carrier switchers a free 32GB iPhone SE. This promotion requires a new customer to switch over their wireless number, which itself needs to be eligible. In addition, that customer must sign up for an Unlimited LTE plan.

For existing MetroPCS customers, MetroPCS is offering a $50 instant rebate if the customer adds a line to a current $60 Unlimited LTE plan. That rebate can go toward any smartphone the carrier offers, including budget-tier ones that would be free with the rebate (like the LG Aristo). If you've been a subscriber for more than three months, the $50 rebate can go to phones priced at least $79 even if you're not an Unlimited LTE plan subscriber...but you'll have to switch plans.

Not interested in MetroPCS? You can stick with T-Mobile itself and take advantage of a BOGO deal on LG smartphones specifically. That BOGO deal will start on Friday, at which point someone can get a free second phone valued up to $850 when buying an LG G6 or an LG V30/V30+ with a T-Mobile Equipment Installment Plan. The second free phone will be of equal or lesser value to the model purchased.

As with past T-Mobile BOGO deals, the free part of the deal comes in the form of a monthly bill credit, which means you'll need to stick with the carrier long enough for the monthly credits to total the value of the phone.