Meta Music for YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011

Chris Burns - Oct 18, 2010
Meta Music for YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011

Perhaps you’ve heard of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, one wild experimental music project that combines the talents of instrument-inclined computer owners from around the world? They’ve been recruiting professionals and amateurs alike for several seasons now to play in what seems to be turning into a yearly concert that takes place at no less than the Sydney Opera House. This year they’ve got a bonus treat to bring you to the landing site for the project: a fully-interactive webcam-based instrument you play with your phone, camera screen, or a piece of paper!

If you’ve ever used ManyCam, were one of the very few people who purchased a toy from the movie Avatar, or just have a fancy bit of experience using your built-in or ancient webcam, you know that they can do more than just record and transmit video. Webcams can detect patterns, recognize faces, and use symbols for displaying masks, falsifying 3D, and playing music! That’s just what they’re doing here at the YouTube Symphony Orchestra Experiment project. All you’ve got to do is collect the pixel square image they’ve got prepared for you, turn on your webcam and hit the play button, and you’re making lovely tunes in no time.

Play the game by going directly to the Experiment tab, or head on over to the YouTube Symphony Orchestra main page to see how you might be part of their 2011 supergroup!

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