Meridian Audio buys Sooloos: audiophile distributed media system coming?

UK audio firm Meridian has acquired media-server company Sooloos, known for their expensive distributed audio systems.  Sooloos most recently announced their Ensemble System, comprising a background server and one or more Control:One touchscreens.  The $7,900 pair allow for different audio in up to four zones.  As for Meridian, the high-end manufacturer has recently jumped on board SpeakerLink, a method of distributing media and control data via ethernet cabling.

It seems likely, then, that a Meridian/Sooloos distributed media system is in the works, with Meridian's expertise in audio and video being coupled with Sooloos' innovate touchscreen interface.  Their R&D departments have already begun working together, although the companies are tight-lipped on what exactly it is they're working on.

Sooloos will continue to operate under their own brand name, staying in its NYC offices, with US and European distribution handled by Meridian's team.  No financial details regarding the deal were disclosed.

[via Engadget HD]