Sooloos Ensemble System offers lower-cost storage, playback option

If you are a serious audiophile, then you're going to love to hear the news that the Sooloos Ensemble System has just gotten a price cut, making it cheaper (though no one would dare to say inexpensive) way to dive into their playback and digital music storage systems.

This system includes an Ensemble server that provides both storage and playback and a Control:One touchscreen for managing your music collection. It is actually the cheapest system offered by Sooloos, though $7,900 hardly qualifies as "cheap." However, prior to this, you had to purchase other components for the storage and playback features. And while you can still purchase those components to make a higher-end system, they are no longer a requirement.

The Control:One touchscreen is a 17-inch display with a USB port and a CD tray that allows you to browse through your music collection with your finger. The server itself can hold up to a terabyte of audio and metadata. That's equal to about 2,400 full albums. The server can also send your music to four different zones in your home that you designate. Pretty cool stuff here, folks. And while it's more affordable now, it's still not exactly in your average consumer's price range.