Mercedes Active Lane Assist fooled with soda can

In this weekend's odd news, one Mercedes owner decided to trick his vehicle's Active Lane Assist feature...using a soda can. By taping the beverage to his steering wheel, he bypassed the S Class's ALA security requirements and leaned back, letting the car drive itself on the highway.

With Active Lane Assist, the Mercedes offers what basically amounts to a very smart cruise control system, using the road markings for lanes and sensors to keep an eye on the road and keep the car about where it should be, no hassle needed.

Because of the nature of the feature and potential safety issues, the feature is designed to only work if the driver's hand is on the wheel, and has remained there.

The driver featured in the video above apparently didn't like that requirement, and so set out to fool it. Fooling, as it turns out, is as simple as taping a beverage can to the wheel, then going hands-free.

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SOURCE: Road and Track