Meizu M8 takes on iPhone in WiFi web browsing video test

The Meizu M8 may be a dead-ringer for the iPhone's physical and GUI design, but is it still a decent handset in its own right?  We've already seen one review, now Chinese site has put the M8 through its paces in what most owners will be using it for: full-screen web surfing.  Can the M8 render pages as quickly as Apple's smartphone?Check out the video comparison after the cut

The answer, it seems, is no.  The test was performed over WiFi, as the M8 lacks 3G connectivity and maxes out at EDGE.  Presumably both cellphones were in an unfettled state; browsing was begun simultaneously, and as you can see in the video below, the Meizu device lags behind the iPhone.

What's interesting, though, is that the actual rendering itself looks pretty similar on the two devices.  One of the biggest advantages of the iPhone's mobile Safari browser is the way it displays pages on what, compared to a desktop computer, is a very small screen.

[via GenerationMP3]