Mega launches with issues all around, "smooth experience" coming soon

Kim Dotcom's second brainchild officially launched yesterday, and while everything was obviously supposed to go smooth, it didn't. It turns out, the new service claimed that one million users signed up on day one alone, and when you're not expecting that big of a crowd, things can get cluttered fairly quickly. Many users reported issues with Mega, most notably that they weren't able to upload files.

While some users were able to successfully create an account and start uploading files, they quickly discovered that uploads would freeze. Gizmodo's own Joe Brown mentioned that after 23 hours of an upload in progress, "not one byte transferred." However, other users can't get into the new service at all, thanks to confirmation emails gone missing.

Some users can't even get the site to load in order to log in. It's definitely not surprising when a new service underestimates the crowd that will show up at launch, and it's not the first time this has happened with any new service. With that said, it seems like companies should be smart enough now that they should just always expect a larger crowd than anticipated, just in case. It's a precaution that will save a ton of headaches right off the bat.

However, Kim Dotcom is obviously aware of the issue and is getting top men to resolve the problems as quickly as possible, although his timeline for a "smooth experience" was simply just "soon." Dotcom says that the new service is "slowly stabilizing" and the team is "still fixing small bugs and issues with some servers."